Tuesday, August 26, 2008

footnotes: 2007 -- NEW Millennium Year, according to Ethiopians and many other non-western calendars, including lunar... read my "2007" pages [notes for myself & menu.07]
Of course, I made only proto "menu.07" -- I do not want to place too much "mystery" about 007.
NTL, I have to trust my own instincts -- I made too many New Y2K pages as if I want to examine this year from various sides.
The year was to quiet.
I know that when comes "nothing happend" it is the most dramatic moment in drama.
Even year later I didn't write about the End of the Millennium!
I had eight years to do it.
Maybe now... at least?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

-- another PoMo war
I am writing in English in my Russian blog [or about Russia?].
Summer is gone-- and I hardly can say what I wrote...

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Red Plot

The Red Plot
The Red Plot,
originally uploaded by magic fly paula.
"Collor of Ethiopia" -- three shots : green, red, gold.

politics of web?

biz.vtheatre.net -- polls for 2008 elections?
myspace.com/anatolant -- new group "New American" [21st century or 3rd Millehhium -- how to see our future] Many futures...

No national states in new millennium?

only cultures?

I have to re-think the concept of newrussian.org !

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Arbore girl

Arbore girl
Arbore girl,
originally uploaded by Lars-Gunnar Svärd.
New Millennium calendar 2008-2009 from sellassie.info

Nikolai Evreinov

Nikolai Evreinov
Originally uploaded by Mirabilia
teatr.us -- new : summer 2008 Russian School [ru] ?
notes in diary.vtheatre.net
"Anatoly Against Antohin" [theme]


Originally uploaded by bobbyperu99
set -- see links and strems from flickr.com

webshow -- cut to MS > CU > detail

cut to sound

narrator? SPECTATOR
web-post-live-show : summer 2009 ?


originally uploaded by BoazImages.
sellassie.info calendar (?) Bhar Dar [ Faces of Ethiopia ]

David Lynch

David Lynch
Originally uploaded by Reelsco
I have to stop using Flickr -- end of my free account.
Fron "favorites" for http://film.vtheatre.net/usa.html

Lynch, Tarantino -- Pomo-America?