Tuesday, June 10, 2008

picasa 2007 pix-guide ... yes, fixing the last year pages and -- next year, too. That's how it works (pre-production and post-production). Web is media/medium -- instant publishing is misleading ; any good page (with daily traffic) take days/months/years to build!
How many updates/edits does it take? "Rule of (min) 3" ?
"Drafting" -- and this is if you guessed the topic, name, title, issue (concept).
I should say "writing" not "building" (only) webpages.
No time for Diary of a Webman...
[ I'm guessing, hoping that I made "2007" page in this directory. ]
And "2009"?
Many new applications, which I do not fully understand -- the social significance of web changes.
This is the reason why I have to have several blogs -- writing, film, theatre, virtual theatre.
I should have daily log/record of web-work at http://calendar.yahoo.com/anatolant
MSN calendar is writing?

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